There are many reasons to hire professionals to clean your carpets. They know how to solve all cleaning problems fast and effectively, thanks to their advanced skills, experience, and innovative equipment.

What does professional carpet cleaning mean?

If you wonder why so many people choose professional services for carpet cleaning Spokane, find out about their great benefits. Experts have advanced tools at their disposal, and their skills let them do this job fast and effectively.

What do professional cleaners do? They have more expertise and more advanced equipment to clean carpets compared to homeowners. They know how to deal with tough stains, water damage, and other issues.

Professionals use expensive tools for steam cleaning. This method cleans carpets very thoroughly. Technicians start with pre-conditioning carpets with special solutions that loosen dirt and stains. They use high-pressure hoses to spray carpets with very hot water to rinse away any residue. Next, they vacuum a mixture of solutions and water to end up with damp and clean carpets.

What about the price? The estimated price depends on different factors, such as square footage and extras (moving furniture, stair cleaning, and others).

How often should you use professional carpet cleaning services? Carpets should be professionally cleaned once a year to prolong their service life and keep them looking great and new. Some carpets may require more frequent cleaning. The process doesn’t take a lot of time if you hire professionals.