MobileGo (sometimes marked as MGO) is the 1st gaming platform that integrated cryptocurrency. By doing this, they clearly started the new era in the gaming industry. The general interface, however, reminds of Google Play Store. Maybe that’s because soon they’ll be their main rival in the gaming niche.
The uniqueness of the platform offers the gamers a number of possibilities. First of all, they can pay for games and make in-game purchases using cryptocurrency. In addition, they offer their users many perks for loyalty and participating in various tournaments and challenges. The perks come as a reward which can be spent in any preferable way. The American company is looking at options on expanding their presence by collaborating with other IT companies. These partnerships are likely to make MobileGO ICO number one in the world. The global token will allow anyone to get the games they like.
The platform is great for gamers as the decentralized tournaments can use tokens for both rewards and entrance fees. Their 1st tournament was in 2018. It also facilitated peer-to-peer matches for millions of gamers. In addition, many people consider this as a long term investment. According to the predictions, in the long run, it’ll bring over 200%. Check the Mobile ICO price website to get the latest updates on the token value and the general statistics. The current price of the token is a bit more than 0.3 USD. Mind that ICO ratings don’t account for the quality and shouldn’t be used as investment advice.
The token sale took place in April-May 2017 and raised over 53 million dollars.
MobileGo ICO is a perfect place for game developers as they are also paid in MGO. Since the platform uses the top blockchain technologies the transactions are very quick and smooth. They work on Ethereum and Waves.
One of the founders of the platform, Sergey Sholom, has a much bigger goal behind all this. The founder of Datcroft Games Ltd aims to unite all gamers (which is about 2 billion) in a powerful movement called GNation. You can visit Instagram to see Sergey Sholom pics and what his movement is about.
Looking at the MobileGo ICO history, it’s obvious they’ve achieved a lot so far and reached numerous milestones. Since 2017 they’ve been accepted for mobile store purchases, deployed the marketing funds, hold the 1st decentralized tournament, etc.